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Whilst our security products help to address the Prevent, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare outcomes of the UK National Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST2), they are also commercially configured for routine interventions against crime.

Our security outputs are in two complimentary areas:

General physical, technical and behavioural security improvements

Firstly, that of general physical, technical and behavioural security improvements. This includes reviewing the provision and efficacy of the two former, and then assessing and improving the latter, before making recommendations for improvements, and subsequently providing and managing their installation. Behavioural improvements are often the most cost-effective improvements to address, and usually give greater benefits rather than expending a great of capital on cameras, alarms, and fences etc. These improvements are usually encapsulated in an emergency plan that is subsequently trained and exercised out to staff. To emphasise, any plan we produce for you would be tailored specifically to your site, with concomitant maps and diagrams to ensure whatever the response is, it is attuned to your staff and your site. We do not regurgitate generic national checklists, or state strategic outcomes instead of the actual actions required, or deal in vague academic theories. Our plans are 100% practical and 100% site specific.

Planning and training for current security and emergency response issues.

Secondly, under the behavioural banner, we deliver distinct planning and training to address pertinent and current security and emergency response issues. At this time, our counter-intruder response output is in great demand for business, events, schools, educational sites, churches and other religious sites as it helps address the Prevent, Protect and Prepare elements of the National CONTEST2 strategy, and delivers tangible and practical elements to Safeguard students. This is particularly important as establishments either seem to either have no plan to deal with this threat, or it is the case that their plan is based on an expectation that the planned response procedures will be adequate to deal with a potentially armed intruder, and that they do not considered what will be required if the planned expectations are not met.

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Examples of recent security projects include:

  • In 2015, we conducted targeted international country risk analysis for media teams covering events in austere and hostile environments.
  • Also in 2015, we conducted security reviews at sensitive industrial sites in the UK, in Beirut, in Tel Aviv and in Istanbul.
  • In 2016, we conducted security assessments, planning and training for local authorities, and in particular for council headquarters buildings.

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