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Counter Intruder / MTFA / Active Shooter

BWM provide a product that addresses the safeguarding of students at educational establishments, including nursery, primary, secondary, 6th form, college and university, and to similarly safeguard parishioners at churches, mosques, and all other religious sites. This includes incorporating sheltering, lockdown and evacuation, as well as the ability to address the activities of active shooters or marauding terrorist firearms attacks (MTFA).

Whilst the risk is not universally high, you would not want to be found insufficiently prepared if the unthinkable were to happen. This is pertinent as the vast majority of plans/procedures across UK educational and religious establishments are based on an expectation that the planned response procedures will be adequate to deal with a potentially armed intruder, but that they do not consider what would be required if the planned expectations are not met by the intruder.

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