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To encapsulate the solution, BWM Consulting Limited conducts site-specific survey, resultant analysis and planning, and subsequent training to address the issue of intruders close to, at, or in, schools and churches. Our planning gives the response detail, and our training allows the staff to understand how the realities of such a situation may affect that planning, including how it would relate to their classroom/school/church/site, and what they can do about it.


We attend the school or church for a single day and study the regular daily processes in place, survey the site, interview key staff, and review existing plans. We then produce new or improved plans – including maps – to give a site-specific product. On a second day we gain approval of the plan from the site principal lead, and then train the plan out to all staff over a single hour. This process is non-intrusive and maximises the staff time available. For smaller sites, we can conduct the planning and training in a single day if required.


To be absolutely clear, this is not generic counter intruder planning; it is also not the regurgitation of vague ethereal theories that then require localisation by inexperienced or unqualified staff; and is not heavily reliant on standard checklists. Rather it is specific to the site, its locality, and to the building, plus it takes into account the personalities at that particular site.


As we deliver a plan that is bespoke to that location, this allows the staff to understand where they, and the students or parishioners, may ‘run' to, how they will ‘hide', who they will ‘tell’ and, most importantly, what they will do when it all goes wrong. Crucially, this gives a solid foundation of the response to greatly reduce the reaction time to that threat, and to ensure that the reaction in itself is understood and coordinated by all staff. This is critical as it means the staff can act rapidly to save lives, reduce potential casualties, and safeguard not only the students, but also the School or Church’s reputation.


If it would help, we would be pleased to meet with you to discuss our products and the benefit they bring. At this meeting we would be able to show you what our final plans would look like, and explain how the process works in more detail, as well as discussing the benefits. In addition, we would be pleased to review the security and emergency arrangements you have in place and deliver verbal feedback on the risk currently being run and the potential improvements required; this would be free of charge and with no obligation. If you did subsequently decide to engage BWM to assist you, we would also remain available to advise on security issues in the future at no charge. Multiple site clients receive a substantial discount.

What is Counter Intruder/MTFA-Active/Shooter?

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