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About BWM Consulting

Our Vision

We are an independent consulting company who, despite our small size, pack a large punch. BWM has a core of key subject matter experts, and a substantial base of wider experts whom we draw upon for larger projects.

For some of our previous projects we were sub-contracted by large multi-nationals who then took the lion’s share of the margin, and yet still relied upon us to do the real work. This does not appeal to us, nor should it to you as a client seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution that makes sound commercial and ethical sense. We believe that efficiency is realised by cutting out the expensive middleman who adds little, and by coming straight to us as the delivery experts; after all, we would still be delivering your product even if you contracted to the large multi-national.

BWM Consulting Ltd is critically acclaimed by our clients for the quality and accuracy of our emergency management, security, and CBRN counter-terrorism outputs, and for the unique manner in which we deliver these products. BWM has a rock-solid belief that our products must be useable in the real world. Not for us are vague, ethereal products that require the client to interpret to implement; we pride ourselves on translating academic and doctrinal information into practical and specific plans and procedures for response and recovery. Our products are based on the actual location they will be used, on the people who will use them, and on the threats or hazards they must deal with. We do this through analysis of the location, environment and threat or hazard, followed by further analysis of the capability to deal with the threat, and finally by the instigation of a comprehensive and cost-effective capability development plan.

We are certified security consultants and, whilst we advise and plan technical and physical security improvements, these are often costly and ultimately not cost-effective. Therefore, our focus is always initially on behavioural improvements delivered by staff, and then the physical and technical improvements that assist the staff to do their job effectively. Staff need a worthwhile plan to work to, and to be trained and tested to the right standard. This is the most cost-effective method of improving security; don’t be fooled by anyone trying to sell cameras and fences over staff improvements.

BWM Satisfied Client include:-

  • Niteworks
  • Sellafield Ltd
  • Pilgrims Ltd
  • IMSL Ltd
  • OPCW
  • NEC
  • Christians Against Poverty
  • Basildon Council
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • University of Lincoln
  • NARU
  • Emergency Planning College
  • Fire Service College
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Government of Uganda
  • Government of Kenya
  • Government of Tanzania
  • Government of Rwanda
  • East Africa Community
  • Economic Community of West African States


BMW Consulting LtdBMW Consulting Ltd

Delivering the critical components of Resilience; Business Continuity, Infrastructure enhancement, Security, and Emergency Preparedness & Management.